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7 Days In August Book Cover FINAL - 11.1

7 Days In August

The epic conclusion to the Adam Chin Trilogy will be released in the first quarter of 2021! 

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What Readers are Saying About The Adam Chin Trilogy

Richardson brings the bomb! This was an exciting read, had me up into the wee hours.


Had all the "bells and whistles"! 2nd of 3 books,I'll be tapping my foot,impatiently, waiting for the next thriller....HURRY UP...and get it done.


If you don't think we are only one push of a button away from nuclear war in the Middle East, read Launch Code. It's a fast-paced, page turner full of local color that sweeps across the Middle East, an area of the world that remains mostly unknown to the American reader despite 30 years of war and rumors of war. You will finish it hoping that we have real men like Adam Chin in the shadows working on our behalf.


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