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The first two books of the Adam Chin Trilogy are now available.

Dragon's Paw


In the wake of Pakistan’s acquisition of new long-range missile technology from North Korea (via an Islamist Iran), China decides that Pakistan now represents a nuclear threat not just to India but to China itself. To deal with this threat, China invades Pakistan to eliminate the latter’s entire nuclear arsenal—missiles and all. Complications arise as the General commanding the Chinese invasion force decides that he wants to use this occasion to defect to the West, bringing with him valuable information about Chinese assets and ambitions in Central Asia, as well as key data about the current state of Pakistan’s nuclear capabilities. US intelligence agent, Adam Chin, is tasked by the US Secretary of State to travel to India and Pakistan to protect the General from a vengeful Chinese Government that has already signed the General’s death warrant. Chin pursues his objective only to find himself in the middle of a firestorm as China, India and Pakistan all prepare to go to war. Even as he attempts the impossible in India and Pakistan, Chin is caught in political cross-fire in Washington between a weak, vacillating US President who refuses to use the diplomatic and military tools at his disposal to force the Chinese out of Pakistan and keep the peace in the region, and a strong-willed Secretary of State who not only takes her own hard line on China but is also likely to be the President’s principal competition in the next US elections. Chin’s life is further complicated by the beautiful Indian secret agent, Colonel Supriya Lal, a member of India’s elite Defense Intelligence Agency who is supposed to be helping Chin with his mission but who has her own mysterious agenda in Pakistan as well. As the two agents race against the clock, they take on Islamic terrorists intent on capturing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons for their own villainous purposes, as well as treacherous allies ready to betray the two agents for a few rupees. Overhanging all else is the threat of a deadly Chinese Government that will stop at nothing to get what it wants. The plot is drawn from today’s headlines, but the story remains true to the history, geography, and cultures of Central and South Asia.

Launch Code Book Cover - 11.18.20.jpg
Launch Code


Iran’s mullahs will do anything to possess a nuclear missile that can destroy Israel and with it, the reputation of its ally, the United States. Confronted with an indecisive American president, the mullahs move to implement an international financial strategy to fund their nuclear program, assisted by their ally, Turkey, whose leaders have decided to play their own foreign policy game.


United States intelligence agent, Adam Chin, and his soul mate and Indian operative, Colonel Supriya Lal, have been unstoppable—at least until now. During the stakeout of a warehouse suspected in housing human trafficking in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, the duo stumbles across evidence that Iran is engaged in a secretive gold mining operation to fund their illegal nuclear weapons program. The trail of these illicit activities takes Chin and Lal to Istanbul and then Tehran, where they must determine how to thwart an imminent nuclear launch with the power to create a second Holocaust for Israel and alter the balance of power in the Middle East forever.


In this political thriller, as two agents race against the clock to stop an evil mission, they are unwittingly caught in the political crossfire from Washington as the fate of democracy in the Middle East hangs in the balance.


7 Days In August Book Cover FINAL - 11.1
7 Days in August


Al Shabaab, the radical Islamic terror organization based in Somalia, has launched repeated attacks on the civilian population of Kenya since 2013—seven to be exact. That includes four in Nairobi and another three in eastern parts of Kenya. There is no end to its depravity. The Kenyans choose to believe that a small group of extremists should have no right to terrorize the entire population of a once-civilized country just to implement their Stone Age religious rituals. This terror has of course forced many Somalis to flee their homes in Somalia. Where do they all end up? Kenya.

Somalian terror mastermind, Mohammad Faisal, hungry for recognition within the terror fraternity, has now devised what he fervently believes will be the ultimate punishment for these apostate Somalis and their enablers in Kenya: He will destroy Nairobi with a nuclear weapon, so that it will no longer be habitable by mankind. Faisal chooses a certain day in August that commemorates Radical Islam’s greatest triumph to date in East Africa, August 7, 1998. The date they bombed the US embassies in not only Nairobi, Kenya, but also in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The only thing standing between Faisal and his successful execution of this devilish plan is Adam Chin, US super-intelligence agent, who along with his gorgeous soulmate, Indian intelligence operative Colonel Supriya Lal. The two have only one week to unravel the plot and prevent the nuclear annihilation of Nairobi and the West’s interests in all of Africa. As the two agents race against the clock to stop Faisal’s plot, they are caught in the never-ending, political crossfire from Washington. Where the iron-willed secretary of state takes on her feckless boss,

the president of the United States, who seems oblivious to all but his own shabby political legacy.

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