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Conference Room

Speaking Around the World

Mr. Richardson is available to talk with your group about America's China policy and what you can do to "decouple China" and stop China's global aggression.  Please go to the "Contact" tab on this site to arrange a time to discuss your planned event.

  • Addressed high-level executive session organized by Ministry of Energy within Government of Uganda to present results of assessment regarding best structure for PPP to be used to develop and operate Power Transmission Line PPPs in Uganda and cross-border projects, February, 2020

  • Presented 2-day workshop for executives in PPP in Kuala Lumpur; developed course in corporate governance for future delivery by same vendor, February, 2018

  • Presented to Ministry staff results of assessment conducted for Bureau of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Department of Energy, Ministry of Land, Mines and Energy of Liberia, with focus on electricity and renewable energy subsectors, December, 2016

  • Conducted week-long training on PPP to 20-plus management staff of Kenya Railways Corporation in Nairobi, Kenya, March, 2014

  • Conducted week-long PPP capacity building for 20-plus management staff in Tanzania’s Ministry of Energy and Minerals and TANESCO, including risk management, February, 2013

  • Conducted week-long PPP capacity building (including risk management) for 20-plus management staff in Angola’s Government, including Ministry of Finance, April, 2012

  • Presented at PPP Projects:  Screening, Feasibility, Risk, and Structuring, PPP Africa Conference organized by International Growth Centre (UK), Kampala, Uganda, December 2012

  • Presented at P3s and Infrastructure Finance, Council of Development Finance Agencies, Washington, DC, March 2009

  • Presented at Legal Outsourcing, LegalTech West Coast, Los Angeles, June 2008

  • Presented at Public-Private Partnerships, Council of Development Finance Agencies, St. Louis, April 2008

  • Presented at Public-Private Partnerships in the US, Institute for Public-Private Partnerships, Washington, DC, March 2009-March 2008

  • Presented at Seminar on US-India Relations, American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC, February 2003

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